About Us

Hello! We are The Sisters Stoned, Keenan and Steven – two queer folk in Chicago, IL. Our story begins the year 2020, in quarantine, not so very long ago... when we ran out of candles to cover up some... smells in our apartments!

We decided to start making candles for ourselves. They smelled so good, and burned so well (and much longer than our usuals — we burned through those like wildfire!) that we decided to open up a shop to share our creations with the world.

Our current candle creations are 100% soy wax, using the finest smelling oils. We hand-weigh, -pour, -dye, -assemble each candle. We also upcycle and reuse jars when we can; our locals return their old jars for us to reuse. We're doing our best to make great goodies while keeping mother earth happy.

We are pop culture freaks and Bravo-obsessed, so we have special editions of our candles as well. Heck, we designed our logo and labels as well, as a shout out to Practical Magic. The original sisters who brew and blaze. Midnight margaritas, anyone?

Please take a look around, and message us with any questions!